Eco Towns

The definition of an eco town

“Eco-towns will be sustainable developments of at least 5,000 homes. The standards that they must meet are set out in the Planning Policy Statement (PPS): eco-towns (July 2009), including requirements on sustainability, affordable housing, low and zero carbon technologies and public transport. The PPS includes the four first wave locations with the potential to have an eco-town, and low-carbon demonstrator projects have been funded at each of these sites. A second wave of potential eco-town locations has received funding to support further studies and demonstrator projects.”


Why build on Greenfield sites?

The overall idea is to encourage the development of sustainable settlements, and this may involve development on greenfield sites where it is appropriate.

Two of the four phase one PPS eco-town locations included significant brownfield areas, and all four are supported by their local authorities.


The Climate Change Challenge

Buildings account for almost half of UK carbon emissions, reducing this is vital to tackling climate change. It is clear that we need to improve both our existing and new-build housing stock.

Creating eco-towns was just one element of the old Government's efforts to make homes, and more generally all buildings greener and sustainable.

Some of the eco-town demonstrator projects will be retrofit of existing buildings.


Ecotown locations

Under the Labour government which left power in May 2010. The exact extent of changes that may now be brought about due to the new coalition government remains to be seen.

First Wave of Ecotown Funding & Construction

In February 2010 £60 million was made available for local authorities in the first wave locations. This was to help fund local infrastructure and early demonstrator projects, at or near the locations, to trial the kind of technologies and projects which will be rolled out across the whole development, and to showcase sustainable technology and behaviour change techniques.


The first wave locations, which were assessed as having the potential for an eco-town were announced on 16 July 2009.

These locations are:

What is happening with the middle Quinton proposal?

Eco-town consultation responses related to Middle Quinton will be taken into account alongside the West Midlands RSS Panel Report, before the Secretary of State issues a revised RSS for consultation.