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PDAs - the Efficient Tool for Construction

Whatever trade or profession you are, if you operate within the Construction and Built Environment sector then PDAs are fast becoming the state of the art must have for your toolbox and business. They will increase your efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint where used to their maximum potential.

The Personal Digital Assistant or PDA, when used effectively to its full potential, reduces paperwork and makes any business more efficient, allowing owners to work smarter not harder.

They can be used to:

  • make appointments in real time, such as at the same time as you are on the phone talking to a customer
  • remove the risk of double booking yourself or your team
  • allow others, such as your wife or partner at home, PA or secretary in the office etc, to see your appointments on the home/office computer while you are out
  • record how long the task took immediately after you finish an appointment or job
  • maintain an appointment diary that also gives an audible reminder of meetings
  • create a system to schedule work and then record actual time taken and materials used
  • collate purchase invoices, time sheets and produce accurate invoices
  • Many PDAs have “Sat Nav” capability, such as “Tom Tom”, thus there is a saving on purchasing this, as well as improved operational efficiency. Also, once entered, information does not have to be written again (a benefit of “Copy and Paste”).

PDAs are superior to Blackberrys, in that there is minimum risk of virus, plus they can be “Wi Fi” fitted to allow orders to be made from site and stored for later printing out while sending confirmations to the client with E-mails. Security is maintained by use of alarm codes and new data can be directly transferred to PCs using docking ports.

The basic idea is that there is very little rework in the office, as they offer:

  • the ability to cut and paste direct into Quick Books or Sage
  • record outstanding items and forward plan
  • daily update
  • multiple entry points that automatically identifies any conflicts
  • better time management
  • improved and faster invoicing
  • ports in cars available to deliver “Sat Nav” and reduce travelling costs

A good source of low cost PDAs is E-Bay and regular training sessions in how to maximise them as a resource for your company are available from organisations such as IT Teacher Ltd based in Banbury. John Staley, who runs the company, can book you in even when he is out on a job. Call him on 07710 484 727