Ben Jackson (20.03.12)

Editors Impressions of Eco-Build 2012 - Day One

So what caught our editors attention today at Eco Build 2012?

First observations of the 2012 Eco-Build are that perhaps it was a little quieter that day one in 2010? Also that the exhibitors seemed to have more space around them and the halls were not fully in use, unlike 2010.

That said there is still far more to see than one person can cover in three days, let alone one, and that excludes the conference and seminar sessions. Over all it is an excellent collection of eco construction related goods and services.

The big builders merchants Travis Perkins, Grahams etc all return, but after last years cautious dipping of toes in the water appear to be making a more relevant effort this year. There is once again an over abundance of Solar PV related exhibitors, taking into effect the changes to FIT etc I have to seriously suspect that we must shortly be seeing some consolidation in this area of the renewables.

That the arrival of the Green Deal is just around the corner is much in evidence; especially with Knauf and Greendealmanager. I have a mental anote that we need to create much more awareness around this and its requirements on the industry to have a qualified workforce that is competent to retrofit on a broad range of elements.

I always like to have a good look at the smaller UK companies and see what we can do here ate Sustainable Building matters to help them. Here are a few I feel worthy of more time;

Eco Flap, the designer and company director Richard Jessell has such enthusiasm and energy for this retrofit/new build letter plate to eliminate drafts that I could only be impressed. will find them and they are looking for distributors.

reclaimed Brick Tile and struck a resonance with my past. Having spent many years working in the industry and probably the majority of the projects I was engaged with having a heritage background, both these companies are providing materials that should be of value. I hope to call back tomorrow and have a chat.

Green roofs are an element of eco construction that often gets overlooked - no pun intended. However they are doable and affordable for all. Whether it's a garden shed or a moder state of the art office building. I was very taken with the enthusiasm of the team at Sedum Green Roofs and I will be looking more into this literally green element of green building.

Finally, again drawing on my past life on the sites, are exhibiting a new range of work shelters, how I wish I'd had those available to reduce down time and improve working conditions for my site and yard staff. These area must look at, even if just to log the fact they exist.

A shorter visit tomorrow and I am unable to attend on Thursday, but do go along and if you visit any of the above stands, please say I sent you.