Breathing Buildings

New Office design tool launched

Breathing Buildings have launched an extension to their design tool which now caters for the specific design requirement for Offices as well as Schools.

This tool will calculate initial estimates of the openings and the e-stack equipment required to naturally ventilate your building successfully. It is intended to be used by architects and engineers at the early stages of design so that any requirements can be integrated into the building.

At the outset of a project, it is common to know very little about the spaces in the building - such as the type of lighting that will be employed - so the tool uses average values. However, if these details are available, the assumptions can be modified to reflect the specifics of your building. Once you have added your parameters, you will get a compiled e-mail featuring all results and recommendations for your future reference.

Please note that the successful development of a natural ventilation scheme requires building-specific design considerations not captured by this scoping tool.

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