Birmingham City University Press Office (Posted 17.02.16)

Zero Carbon Future via Zero Carbon Buildings.

A second international event focussing on Zero Carbon Buildings is set to be held in Birmingham this year.

The ‘Zero Carbon Buildings Today and in the Future’ conference and exhibition will take place in Birmingham on September 8-9 hosted by Lubo Jankovic, Professor of Zero Carbon Design at Birmingham City University.

The event will provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and for establishing collaboration networks and partnerships in the field of zero carbon.

Researchers and designers from across the globe will come together to look at innovative ways of developing a much needed future without carbon emissions from buildings.

An exhibition will be run alongside the conference with exhibitors showcasing their products and services linked to the development of zero carbon buildings.

With the Paris COP21 final agreement being released, the world’s top climate scientists gathered to weigh up the text’s final draft, specifically regarding the temperature target.

A global agreement on achieving zero emissions needs to happen ‘as soon as possible’ and the need to have a ‘net zero emissions’ during the second half of the century is essential.

Professor Jankovic said: “When closing our 2014 Zero Carbon Buildings conference, there was a collective feeling in the audience that we were onto something.”

“The non-binding nature of the COP21 agreement, and the sense that the implementation is still some years away and without a global plan, place our 2016 conference at the forefront of development of one of the most important solutions for humanity.”