A2Dominion (28.02.15)

New electric vehicle partnership at NW Bicester

The lead developers of the UK’s first eco town, A2 Dominion, have joined forces with Fleetdrive Electric to drive forward its plans to enable sustainable travel choices at NW Bicester. The aim of the new partnership is to accelerate the transition to electric and ultra-low emission vehicles on the first Exemplar phase of NW Bicester.

The partners have shaped a range of initiatives designed to engage, encourage and educate future residents about the benefits of ultra-low emission vehicles and practical usage. The aim is to get some 10% of residents switching to an ultra-low emission vehicle (pure electric or plug-in hybrid) by 2017.

These initiatives include subsidised electric vehicles (EVs) for champions within the community to share their experiences of using EVs, pop-up neighbourhood test drive events and ‘try before you buy’ flexible leasing options that give residents the opportunity to access ultra-low emission vehicles for short periods to find out which vehicle could be practical for them.

The partnership was launched at a special event on Thursday February 26th, at the John Paul II Centre in Bicester.

Bicester stakeholders and residents have been invited to come along to find out more about A2Dominion and Fleetdrive Electric’s partnership initiatives for NW Bicester. They will have the opportunity to test drive a range of ultra-low emission electric vehicles including Tesla Model S, BMW i8 and i3, Audi e-tron, VW E-Up, E-Golf, Mitsubishi Outlander Phev and Nissan Leaf.

The NW Bicester Project Team will be available to provide information on the ambitions for sustainable travel at NW Bicester including walking, cycling and public transport, while the car manufacturers will be on hand to discuss their latest products and technologies.

Louise Caves, Strategic Partnership Manager for NW Bicester, said: “Travel accounts for some 32% of a typical UK carbon footprint with private car use alone accounting for 18% of this. As lead developers of the UK’s first eco town, A2Dominion is committed to shaping a range of options and initiatives designed to encourage people’s choice of travel to be as environmentally friendly as their home.

“We’ve planned for a range of alternative modes of travel to minimise CO2 emissions and enable residents to make sustainable transport choices and built features into the design to make travel by foot, public transport, bike or electric car an easy option.”

As well as boasting an electric car club, car charging points will be available communally and optionally available to all homes on the first Exemplar phase. Cycle stores will come as standard for each home and the development will have safe, segregated cycle-ways and pedestrian routes linking directly into the town’s existing network.

Louise continued: “NW Bicester is all about providing people with sustainable lifestyle choices. We’re delighted to be able to bring Fleetdrive Electric on board to deliver a range of incentives and offer people the opportunity to experience first hand ultra low emission vehicles and compare them to their existing modes of transport.”

Fleetdrive Electric is the UK’s leading ultra-low emission vehicle leasing company, working at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) market with key bodies such as the Department for Transport and Energy Saving Trust to accelerate the UK's transition to ultra-low carbon transport. Fleetdrive Electric provides specialist knowledge gathered through conducting EV trials with various organisations and delivering the Ofgem funded ‘My Electric Avenue’ consumer EV trial project in neighbourhoods across the UK.

Mike Potter, Managing Director of Fleetdrive Electric, commented: “We are very excited to be working with A2Dominion to showcase the latest electric vehicles on the market. It’s great to be able to give people the opportunity to try this sustainable mode of transport as an alternative to petrol and diesel engines. Many people are surprised at how much they enjoy driving them!”

Cars such as the BMW i8, seen here at he Eco Technology Show 2014 in Brighton, were on display at the launch event.