Enphase Energy, Inc. (Posted 07.12.14)

New charitable partnership for SolarAid.

SolarAid is a leading London-based international nonprofit that provides access to clean, affordable solar lights, with a goal to eliminate the toxic kerosene lantern from Africa by 2020 and has received a donation that will be contributing to this campaign, by helping to build trust in solar technology and getting solar lights into the hands of 600 million people.

Enphase Energy announced its 'Philanthropic Partnership' at the end of November.

“Affordable solar lights increase people’s income by an average of 15 percent per month, enhance work and study time, improve health, cut carbon emissions and provide a platform for local economies to flourish,”
said Andrew Webb, managing director, SolarAid. “With the help of supporters such as Enphase, we can reach off-grid communities and educate them in the use of solar, while developing a solid international network to lobby institutions and governments. Spreading solar lighting across Africa and lighting up millions of households is a dream we are achieving.”

“SolarAid’s mission of bringing clean and safe light to off-grid communities across Africa aligns with Enphase’s efforts to promote solar energy for a sustainable future,”
said Olivier Jacques, managing director, EMEA, Enphase Energy. “We are honored to partner with SolarAid and directly participate in the transition to solar in Africa.”

Recently, Enphase and SolarAid participated in a fund raising activity at Solar Energy UK, the largest B2B event for the solar industry in Great Britain. Coin-collection points were situated across Enphase’s booth for three days, and Enphase matched a donation amount collected through visitors’ contributions. Enphase and SolarAid are looking forward to many more joint opportunities and activities along these lines in the future.

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Jeremy Leggett, SolarAid is an international charity creating business-based solutions for poverty and climate change and a leader in driving policy for off-grid lighting and solar technology advancements. In 2008, SolarAid created SunnyMoney, a fully-owned social enterprise to run on-the-ground operations. SunnyMoney has grown rapidly from a small trading arm to a viable business. Today, it is the largest seller of solar lights in Africa. By building a sustainable market for solar products, SolarAid and SunnyMoney aim to eliminate the use of kerosene lamps in Africa by 2020.

Enphase is not new to philanthropic initiatives. Its long-lasting charitable partnership with the US-based nonprofit GRID Alternatives makes solar power and solar job training available to underserved communities. Enphase has recently kicked off collaboration with the Brian D. Robertson Memorial Solar Schools Fund (BDR Fund) to install photovoltaic systems in over 25 schools across the US.

The partnership between Enphase Energy and SolarAid will continue in 2015.

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