SAVORTEX (Posted 19.10.14)

Greener washroom technology that will save 50% of carbon emissions.

A British manufacturer has won a contract with a Facilities Management and Property Services Company to install new, greener washroom technology that will save 50% of carbon emissions for one of its high profile blue chip clients.

Carillion has opted to install the SAVORTEX EcoCurveTM data driven hand dryer, which has the lowest carbon footprint on the market and includes a revolutionary data intelligence portal that will help building and facilities managers monitor and evidence energy savings, as well as better manage washroom ongoing maintenance.

Euan Burns, Chief Engineer at Carillion plc said:
“With the UK built environment alone contributing 28% to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, smart cost savings and effective washroom management based on real data intelligence is increasingly important to Carillion and our clients.

The EcoCurve smart hand dryer supports that strategy by reporting on energy, carbon and costs using actual footfall in the washrooms. Based on the data intelligence produced by the EcoCurve, the smart dryer stands to reduce carbon emissions by 50% compared to previous solution, and it offers the lowest carbon footprint per dry in its class.

Furthermore, Big Data is critical to managing facilities and improving resource efficiency, and the SAVORTEX Data Intelligence Portal will help us manage and reduce the hidden costs in our clients’ washrooms. We will use the data, not only for day-to-day washroom management, but also for trend analysis over long periods of time supporting our sustainable procurement policy, allowing us to make decisions based on the intelligence the dryers are providing.

With its ultra-low energy technology, SAVORTEX has developed a ground-breaking smart hand dryer that allows us to reduce carbon, waste and costs while improving our service to our clients.”

The EcoCurve’s data intelligence portal is an example of how new smart technologies are emerging that have been designed to help businesses reduce energy and waste, as well as manage facilities and improve resource efficiency.

Syed Ahmed, Founder of SAVORTEX LTD said:
“Carillion has a reputation for its commitment to mitigating climate change, so for our technology to get this approval is a really exciting milestone for us!

There are 70 million washrooms globally, of which twenty percent of these are still using energy hungry, massively inefficient and wasteful hand-drying solutions.

The EcoCurve Smart Hand dryer and its data intelligence portal was built to tackle inefficient and wasteful washroom set-ups and to help support businesses to evidence the steps they are making to reduce their carbon footprint. With hugely influential players like Carillion starting to adopt SAVORTEX technology, it feels like our vision to significantly disrupt the inefficient washroom environment through innovative, cost effective and clean technology is becoming a reality.”