SAVORTEX (Posted 14.09.14)

Bank set to save approximately 3500 tonnes of CO2 per year.

New smart hand dryers will deliver environmental and financial benefits, including:

- Saving an estimated total of 3500 tonnes of CO2 per year
- Reducing annual waste per location by 14,000 tonnes
- Saving up to £30,000 per year per site installed

British eco technology company SAVORTEX ( ) has raised £1.5m in investment to develop and launch the technology behind a range of revolutionary Eco hand dryers. The first product to launch is theEcoCurveTM Smart Dryer which has the lowest carbon footprint per dry and comes with the world’s first data monitoring portal - SAVORTEX Data Intelligence.

SAVORTEX Data Intelligence is a unique, easy access platform that draws realtime washroom and traffic data from the technology onsite, and will give businesses, facilities managers and building managers a smart way to accurately measure cost savings, improve carbon efficiency and manage the cleaning of washrooms based on real-time footfall data for single or multiple sites where the dryer is installed.

The EcoCurveTM Smart dryer incorporates an innovative and patented ‘energy recovery system’and ‘curved air delivery technique’. The product’s unique, intelligent sensors continuously track hands and wirelessly reports to the revolutionary SAVORTEX Data Intelligence portal. In addition to the product being the most carbon efficient choice per dry for businesses wanting to take a responsible CSR approach, the hand dryer also comes with the lowest rental pricing in the market against other competitors.

SAVORTEX was founded 7 years ago by ex-BBC apprentice contestant, Syed Ahmed, and has a notable chairman in the form of Thomas Power, who worked very closely with Sir Alan Sugar at Amstrad.

Syed Ahmed, founder of SAVORTEX, said:
“There are 70 million washrooms globally. Twenty percent of these are fitted with energy-hungry dryers but then when you factor in that a massive eighty percent are still using damaging and very expensive paper towels, you can see why we wanted to build something that disrupts this very inefficient market. Paper towels alone account for over 54 million trees per year, contributing to 35% of waste in land fill sites.

SAVORTEX is committed to producing sustainable, energy saving products to replace these outdated and environmentally damaging hand drying solutions. Our research has found that hidden risks i.e. carbon and waste, can be identified in buildings and turned into profitability by smart metered technologies.

The EcoCurveTM Data Dryer sensors provide information about washroom energy use over time. This reflects the long-standing, foundational importance of energy efficiency to the green building movement. Data collection from smart, connected products is transforming the design, construction, and operation of the built environment.”

SAVORTEX technology is already making waves in the market with existing clients such as having been specified by British Airways, Marriott and McDonalds. The latest name to be added to the SAVORTEX client list is RBS, who are installing EcoCurve Smart Dryers in 50 buildings in the first phase of the roll out and is set to save £30,000 and 14,000 tonnes of waste per site, per year.

John Hayes, Property Services, RBS said:
"In the past, Corporate Responsibility and cost management were relatively separate activities however, in recent times these two agendas have moved much closer together to a more complimentary status. We at RBS chose to undertake a trial with SAVORTEX as we felt that they had created a product (EcoCurve data dryer) that recognised investment in resource efficiency, also needs to be commercially sustainable.”

The investment has been raised from a number of sources, including the Technology Strategy Board ( and a group of high net worth investors with a focus on 'cleantech' products.

SAVORTEX products are all designed and manufactured in the UK - Adding to the company’s sustainable approach.

The amount of paper towel wastage that was generated from one RBS site in just 5 days