Cherwell District Council (Posted 24.05.014)

Turbines approved to support green energy.

A pair of wind turbines each measuring 35 metres in height will be built in Adderbury, Oxfordshire, in support of Government guidelines to contribute to renewable energy targets.

Members of Cherwell District Council's planning committee approved plans for the installation of two wind turbines at land south east of Quarry Farm off Oxford Road in Adderbury.

Each turbine will generate an estimated 205,000 kWh of energy each year and combined, the two turbines will produce the annual electricity supply for approximately 125 houses.

Bob Duxbury, development control team leader, said: "The Government's National Planning Policy Framework guidelines direct that local authorities should recognise that even small-scale projects provide a valuable contribution to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and should be supported unless there are significant reasons not to.

"With this in mind, the benefits of the proposed turbines are considered acceptable. While we do acknowledge the turbines would be visible they would not cause undue harm to the character or visual appearance of the landscape, and any harm t is outweighed by the benefits of this scheme."

The turbines would be situated about 100 metres apart and would be 23 metres tall to the height of the hub, stretching to 35 metres to the tip of the blade.

Each turbine would have a three-bladed design with a 24-metre rotor diameter and lie approximately 300 metres to the south east of Quarry Farm yard, accessed by the Oxford Road. The application to develop the site - which is currently used for arable farmland - has been submitted by Urban Land Limited.

As part of the conditions of approval work must begin on the project within three years of permission being granted.