SBM (Posted 10.04.14)

Further Comments on Introduction of Domestic RHI

We have continued to receive comments and information on the newly announced Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and share more of this with you here...

Gideon Richards - Chair of the Steering Group and Interim CEO of MCS commented:
“It is really positive to see the final implementation of the Domestic RHI”.
Gideon continued to say “having been discussing and working closely with DECC, Ofgem and other stakeholders for a long time, MCS’ considerable contribution to enabling the Domestic RHI to be delivered is a credit to all those that have worked tirelessly within the scheme and its voluntary Working Groups to ensure MCS supports the Domestic RHI’s smooth uptake.

Recent introduction to the scheme of compliance certificates, updated standards, clarification of competency criteria and amending the MCS database, have all supported MCS’ readying itself for the Domestic RHI. We now look forward to seeing a sustained and credible growth in all areas of the microgeneration heat sector.”

Lin Worthy from Solaflair, a long established renewables installer based near Oxfordshire comments:
"We will wait and see.

Up until now they were telling us installs needed to have MCS certificate, now they are saying that MCS is the minimum requirement and products ALSO need to be on RHI approved list - the list as yet is incomplete, two of the three thermal products we have been installing over the years so far are not on the list even though they are MCS approved.

Although the noises are it's great for everyone and will encourage industry growth they seem to be putting more obstacles in the way to prevent people claiming. Great for the ones who will qualify but disappointing for a larger number of people who can't jump through the same hoops because of red tape.

Time will tell where it really is going.

MCS went on to use the opportunity to remind all installer companies they will need to
do the following for domestic RHI installations:

1. Ensure the installation complies with the MCS domestic RHI metering guidance;
2. Ensure the product being installed is eligible for the domestic RHI by checking the
Product Eligibility List (PEL) available on the Ofgem website on this link;
3. Complete a copy of the MCS compliance certificate if the installation was completed
on or after the 16th March 2014; and
4. Register the installation on the MCS Installation Database (MID) and upload a copy
of the MCS compliance certificate to the MID.

For customers whose MCS certified installer is no longer certified against the MCS
standards, MCS has issued guidance to assist customers in obtaining a certificate.

Domestic RHI pre-application enquiries from customers can be directed to the Energy Saving Advice Service (in England and Wales) on 0300 123 1234 or Home Energy Scotland (in Scotland) 0808 808 2282. Customers wishing to apply for the incentive can apply on the
OFGEM website: The OFGEM website contains a
range of useful support materials including guidance for installer companies.