Lateral Technologies (Posted 12.03.14)

Big energy savings for Household retail name.

A household retail name is seeing energy usage significantly lowered across its stores, thanks to an innovative working relationship with a leading-edge building services consultant.

The John Lewis Partnership sought out turnkey building energy specialist Lateral Technologies in its search to reduce its existing portfolio carbon emissions and energy costs.

A Glasgow-based building services design consultancy that offers carbon reducing innovations, Lateral Technologies used its knowledge of building services systems in conjunction with Virtual Environment by Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES-VE) which allowed it to monitor energy performance and pinpoint where efficiencies could be quickly realised.

Lateral’s unique approach combining real time energy monitoring and advanced HVAC simulation has saved the retailer 2,300,000kWh of gas, 5,500,000kWh electricity and 3,300 tonnes of carbon.

Lateral Technologies – which has been operating since 1993 - was commissioned by the John Lewis Partnership in late 2011 to evaluate the energy efficiency of 20 of its existing stores throughout the UK.

Its role was to identify potential energy saving measures and then implement them by making alterations to the stores’ Building Management Systems.

In addition, each store’s metered energy consumptions were monitored as part of an on-going evaluation that allowed Lateral Technologies to identify improvements while isolating out-of-the-ordinary power consumption spikes.

Each John Lewis store was modelled using the advanced Apache HVAC software by IES, analysing data collated primarily from site inspections, which then offered a unique insight into energy performance.

This, in turn, allowed Lateral Technologies to closely replicate the effects of modifying the Building Management System, and thus highlight areas of inefficiency.

Once it had established that the potential energy saving measures could be introduced while maintaining comfort levels for staff and shoppers in each store, Lateral Technologies completed the modifications on site.

Collated data was used to advise the John Lewis Partnership on cost savings going forward, and on-going monitoring allowed Lateral Technologies to continue tracking building performance against the predicted savings.

From the monthly metered data, it was also able to target further potential energy saving measures.

Furthermore, Lateral Technologies is currently in discussions with Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) with a view to incorporating their VE Scan technology, allowing real time model calibration and energy monitoring in future works with John Lewis and other clients.

Lateral Technologies Director, Iain Gibb said: “We strive to offer the full solution to clients by identifying improvements, delivering and taking control of energy use through the ability to monitor going forward.

“In particular, our on-going work with John Lewis has shown that, when it comes to driving energy efficiency, Lateral Technologies is a trusted producer of results that impact bottom lines.

“We are continually seeking to innovate, and we see great value in incorporating real time data back into the VE in an effort to close the performance gap even further than what we are already achieving.

“We hope that this leading edge real time technology will provide us with a strong platform to develop a full portfolio of John Lewis building models in future, giving us even more understanding of how they are operating.

“Lateral Technologies is proud of the savings that it has realised for clients over the last 20 years, and aims to continue that track record with current clients while developing enduring new relationships.”