Environmental Policy

Sustainable Building Matters, owned by BBK Media Ltd, encourages the adoption of environmentally friendly practices both internally and externally.

We recognise that through a considered approach to environmental issues we can make a contribution to CO2 reduction and sustainability and we set ourselves challenging objectives to realise these aims.

As a service company with no manufacturing aspect to our business our direct impact on the environment is relatively small but we wish to do everything we can to minimize the effect of our business on the environment.

We aim to:

  • Take practical positive action to minimize our effect on the environment.
  • Ensure that our knowledge of the relevant business environmental issues is up to date.
  • Tackle the issues that arise from our car travel by finding innovative ways of reducing the impact of travel and our business mileage.
  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint by minimizing energy use in the office by cutting out energy waste and improving efficiency.
  • Reduce our paper and other wastes and ensure that we maximize our recycling of the waste that we do make. We subscribe to a local Waste Recycling facility with a regular collection service.
  • Implement an environmentally positive programme for purchase, use and disposal of IT equipment.
  • Suggest and encourage our clients and suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly solutions.

We have been able to achieve the following:

  • Make the best use of public transport.
  • Manage business driving and plan meetings to reduce miles travelled; we are investigating the use of Hybrid vehicles.
  • Staff are encouraged to adopt economical driving techniques.
  • We turn off printers and most other IT equipment wherever possible.
  • We use energy saving PC screens on our PCs
  • We make full use of video conferencing via Skype and conference calls to minimise UK and overseas travel.
  • We prioritise local companies as both potential clients and suppliers.
  • We promote low carbon options and best practice through our publications.
  • We represent Bicester & District Chamber of Commerce on the Cherwell District Council Climate Change group.

What we want to do

We are considering:

  • investing in a comprehensive carbon offset programme to minimise the company‚Äôs carbon footprint.
  • ensuring that our suppliers follow the best industry practices and adhere to internationally recognised environmental standards.
  • encouraging further use of reusable and recycled products.